Friday, June 10, 2011

My White Scars

Hello again,

I figured I'd post up some pictures of my White Scars for general consumption and critique.  Here they are;

Here is Mathuli Khan, Khan of the 5th Brotherhood and Master of Marches.  Sorry if the picture is a little dark.  I'm going to try and take some better ones later.

 Here is the start of two of my bike squads.  One has 2 flamers, heavy bolter attack bike, and sgt. with power fist while the other has 2 meltaguns, multimelta attackbike, and sgt. with power fist.

Here is my first tactical squad and their rhino.  The tactical squad has a lascannon and meltagun for some antitank punch.
Next is my favorite unit in the space marine codex.  Typhoon speeders act like mobile devastator squads for my Scars army.  They work well as a unit that can take out infantry as well as some tanks and walkers.

This is my first 1500 or so points for the army.  My plan is to take it well above 3000.  I already have all of the models, I just need to paint them and do some minor conversion work.  Stay tuned for more pictures once I get some more of the units completed.

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