Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pics of Daemons

Back again today,

Here are some pics from my Daemon army that I've been working on.  It is heavily Slaanesh based but I'm looking to add in some Tzeentch as well soon.  Here are the pics;

Here's a Lord of Change that I just finished a couple of months ago.  I really liked how the colors turned out on the model.  The light blue gives the model a very bright color.

Next up is the Keeper of Secrets that I've had done for quite some time now.  I just redid the base so that he is better suited for 40K instead of fantasy.

Here are a couple of shots of my Daemon Price of Slaanesh.  Once again, I used that light blue to make the model stand out.  I think that the silver really sets off the model too.  If you'll notice, I did some green stuff work on the back to give him bulging muscles instead of the marine backpack look the model comes with.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned for more of my work.

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  1. Looks good Dave. Looking forward to seeing those on the table top.