Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attack on the Tau Encampment

Mathuli looked to the sky as he perched up on the crest of a hill.  Day would break soon and the element of surprise would soon be lost.  He had approached the Tau settlement with engines silenced and Land Speeders in tow in order to gain that surprise.  Thus far, it had seemed to work.  He raised his finger to his ear and pressed the comms button located there.

        “Let the rays of the sun light the valley for the storm approaches to darken the sky.”

        With the battle cant spoken, a flash of light screamed down from above and smashed into the ground near the Tau encampment.  The tactical squad poured out of the drop pod and took up a defensive position.  Mathuli screamed a signal to move and all of the engines in his force roared to life.  At once, a cascade of white clad machines flooded the hillside and made for the Tau camp.

        The Tau must have intercepted the transmission, however.  Their grav-engines had come to life even before the drop pod had hit and they swarmed the tactical squad and their pod.  White-hot plasma rained in on the squad the cut down marine after marine.  A powerful stream of energy lanced into the drop pod, and a blossom of fire erupted into the air as the thrust-engine was breached.  The lives of the tactical squad were lost, but they proved a worthy diversion in order to gain the space that the Khan needed to close in on the xenos.  The battle-brothers may have lost their lives, must their sacrifice would not be in vain.

        Mathuli barked out further orders, sending his platoon of bikes hard right white the armor of the group cut left.  A salvo of frag missiles flooded into a small building and Tau bodies poured out of the windows after the series detonations occurred.  At the same moment, ten members of the first company teleported in wearing full tactical dreadnought armor.  They let loose with storm bolter and assault cannon fire, cutting swathes into a squad of unsuspecting fire warriors.

        The Tau answered back, seeing the Terminators as a threat, they pushed their battle suits forward and they blasted into the Terminators hard with plasma and missile fire.  The Terminators armor held fast but many veterans fell in that opening salvo.  The Terminator sergeant called a retreat and the heavily armored battle brothers pulled back with assault cannon spinning death and storm bolters barking out fire.

        In the mean time, Mathuli and his swarm of bikes poured up the right flank and set their sights on the bulk of the Tau resistance.  He gunned his engines and caught up to the squad being lead by Brother-Chaplain Voghair.  The squadron he was formerly joined to gunned their engines and moved left, aiming for a squad of fire warriors positioned behind their devilfish.  Mathuli and Voghair directed their squadron to open fire on the nearest devilfish and meltagun fire split the vehicle in half after finding its grav-engines.  Fire warriors poured out of the wreckage and many became entangled in the wreckage, unable to escape a fiery death.  The bike squadron poured into the squadron amongst the wreckage and cut down the remaining fire warriors.  On the left flank, the squadron of Typhoons let loose another salvo of missiles aiming for the battle suits and supporting their Terminator brothers.

        The Tau began to break from their positions and retreat.  Unfortunately for them, the speed of the White Scars was too much to out run.  In short order, the sweeping assaults and brutal fire of the White Scars was too much to handle for the Tau.  With the victory looking slim for the Tau, Farsight ordered a full retreat.  The Scars continued to cut down the fleeing Tau but Farsight slipped through their grasp.  As the Scars continued to pursue the Tau that fell back into the encampment, Farsight ordered the self destruct sequence to commence.  Moments before the White Scars were to fall upon the encampment, the entire base erupted in a ball of plasma hundreds of feet high and sent debris in all directions.  Had the Scars not pulled up before entering the camp, many further battle brothers would have been lost.  Luckily, Mathuli ordered the halt and then full retreat, saving many White Scar lives.  Unfortunately, that gave Farsight time to slip away to plan his counter assault.

        The White Scars may have won the day, but with Farsight’s escape, there was no telling what evils he may have planned.  Mathuli thought it best to retreat back to the newly established White Scar base in order to plan further strikes into Tau territory.

Jander Hope Round Two Pics

I played my round 2 game for the Jander Hope Summer campaign on Tuesday.  I got a chance to play against Faye, who I always enjoy playing, and her Tau.  It was an interesting game of Annihilation / Dawn of War that saw me sacrifice a Tac Squad and Drop Pod in order to help everything else get up the board.  In the end, most of my army backed the Tau into a corner and blasted through them to ensure the victory.  Here are some pics from the fight.

In the first picture, my Tac squad dropped down in turn 1, mishapped, and Faye placed it on her board edge so that her whole army could jump on it.  They didn't last but drew a lot of fire away from the rest of the army.

In the second picture, a squadron of Typhoons positions itself to kill some Battle Suits.

Last, but not least, my Vindicator (soon to be fully painted, hopefully) rumbles through some terrain to get into good firing position on Faye's Devilfish wall that the rest of her army is hiding behind.

That's all for now.  More pics and stuff later.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Pics from the Jander Hope Summer Campaign

The club I belong to, the 40K Fight Club, is hosting a Summer campaign this year and it has just kicked off.  My first opponent for the campaign was a friend of mine named Matt and his Eldar.  Here are a few pictures from the game;

In this picture, a combat squad of bikers lead an assault against some Dire Avengers.  They eventually managed to break through and move on to other targets after having run down the Avengers.
In this picture, a combat squad of tactical marines holds a vital objective that the Eldar was looking to detonate.  In the campaign story, the forces loyal to the planet were looking to sabotage vital areas that would lead to the fall of the main bridge into the hive city.  Luckily, the White Scars managed to hold off the Eldar and did not allow a single objective to fall into their hands.
Here, the other half of the tactical combat squad moves their rhino through a narrow point moments before having the transport disabled by an Eldar missile.  The remnants of the squad inside would go on to take down a Vyper squadron and assist in eliminating the Seer Consul.

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on the campaign.