Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Pics from the Jander Hope Summer Campaign

The club I belong to, the 40K Fight Club, is hosting a Summer campaign this year and it has just kicked off.  My first opponent for the campaign was a friend of mine named Matt and his Eldar.  Here are a few pictures from the game;

In this picture, a combat squad of bikers lead an assault against some Dire Avengers.  They eventually managed to break through and move on to other targets after having run down the Avengers.
In this picture, a combat squad of tactical marines holds a vital objective that the Eldar was looking to detonate.  In the campaign story, the forces loyal to the planet were looking to sabotage vital areas that would lead to the fall of the main bridge into the hive city.  Luckily, the White Scars managed to hold off the Eldar and did not allow a single objective to fall into their hands.
Here, the other half of the tactical combat squad moves their rhino through a narrow point moments before having the transport disabled by an Eldar missile.  The remnants of the squad inside would go on to take down a Vyper squadron and assist in eliminating the Seer Consul.

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on the campaign.